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Trustmark Group Benefits Administration Manual

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Welcome to Trustmark Group Benefits, a division of Trustmark Life Insurance Company. We thank you for choosing us to insure and administer your group insurance plan. This Administration Manual is designed to provide clear guidance on the day-to-day administration. It outlines your administrative responsibilities and the necessary procedures for administering your Group Benefits plan. This manual has been designed for your assistance and in no way changes the provisions in your Certificate of Insurance or Group Policy.

This manual may not cover all possible situations and circumstances that might occur while administering your Trustmark Group Benefits plan. It has been written to include generic insurance provisions required in almost all states. Your plan will be administered in accordance with the laws in your state. Some situations may require the personal attention of your Client Manager, Employer Service Representative or other Trustmark personnel. However, the successful administration of your Trustmark Group Benefits plan depends upon how accurately information is reported and recorded.

A review of the Certificate of Insurance or Group Policy, with particular attention to the Schedule of Benefits, will help you answer many frequently asked questions about your plan. But if we can be of assistance, please contact your Client Manager or Employer Service Representative. Employer Service Representatives may be reached at 866-670-1067. To more readily meet your needs, when contacting us; please be prepared to provide the following information:
  • Company name
  • Group ID number
  • Insured’s Name
  • Insured’s Social Security number or member ID

This Manual explains general principles in your Trustmark Certificate of Insurance or Group Policy. Any information regarding a particular person’s eligibility, benefit level, or right to continuation or conversion should be obtained from the Certificate of Insurance. If a conflict exists between this manual and the Certificate of Insurance or Group Policy, the Certificate of Insurance or Group Policy takes precedence. Trustmark reserves the right to change or discontinue the procedures outlined herein at any time.

Regarding sample forms used or described in this manual: Insurance forms are frequently revised. Please contact your Trustmark Group Benefits representative to be certain you are using the most current form available.

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