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About Trustmark Group Benefits
Trustmark Group Benefits, is a division of Trustmark Life Insurance Company that meets the needs of groups with 51+ employees. Trustmark Group Benefits is geared toward clients that value pricing stability and long-term strategic focus over short-term savings and frequent carrier switching. Our goal is to partner with employers by taking a proactive, strategic approach toward the better management of their healthcare plan. Our strengths lie in delivering operational excellence in our administrative services – doing what we say we’re going to do day in and day out. That’s our promise.

As a group insurance specialist, we provide customer service using state-of-the-art technology that gives us the ability to process claims quickly and accurately. Trustmark Group Benefit’s commitment to quality means our clients and covered members receive quality insurance protection from a company that takes employee benefit plans as seriously as you do.

Our Dedicated Staff Provides Quality Service
Delivering quality service to you and your employees’ means recruiting and maintaining a quality-oriented staff. We provide an atmosphere that promotes and encourages personal and professional growth through ongoing education and training programs. In addition, quality initiatives are incorporated into every job assignment at Trustmark to assure maximum customer satisfaction and to integrate new ideas into our way of doing business.

Administering Your Plan
The Trustmark Group Benefits Administration Manual provides instructions for administering various types of plans, coverages, and provisions. To use it effectively, please familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of your Group Plan by reviewing this manual and the Certificate of Insurance or Group Policy.

This manual also provides information you will need for the day-to-day administration of your group plan. Some situations may require the personal attention of your Client Manager, Employer Service Representative or other Trustmark personnel.

Trustmark Administered Plans
All Trustmark Group Benefits plans are administered by Trustmark Group Benefits. This means that we maintain the member eligibility records based on information received from the employer and we provide all claim payment services.

File Maintenance
To help you keep track of your group insurance records, we recommend Enrollment and Medical Statement forms be maintained alphabetically in the following files:

Pending: Use this file for employees whose insurance coverage is subject to review of the Evidence of Insurability Form and have not yet been approved by Trustmark. Once approval is received, the Evidence of Insurability Form should be moved to the pending file. This file also includes employees waiting to be added upon completion of the waiting period.

Report: Use this file for your employees Enrollment and Medical Statement and Change Forms that have not yet been sent to Trustmark.

Active: Use this file for employees whose coverage is active. The forms should be moved to this file from the report file after the employee information has been sent to Trustmark.

Inactive: Use this file for employees whose coverage has been completely canceled and reported to Trustmark, including those who have refused group coverage.

Continuation: Forms normally maintained in this file are for terminated employees on Federal or State continuation.

Employer Responsibilities
The employer must maintain records relating to each employee’s coverage under the Plan. These records are subject to review by Trustmark and must include:
  1. The names and birth dates of all employees/dependents who are covered by the plan.
  2. The benefits in force on each employee/dependents.
  3. Salary information for salary-based benefits must be available to verify the correct benefit.
  4. Payroll records confirming full-time employment dates.
  5. The effective date of each employee’s coverage.
  6. The effective date of any change.
  7. COBRA notices, coverage selections, premiums paid and related records.
  8. Review and verification of the List Bill for accuracy. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ADJUSTMENTS FOR CHARGES WHICH ARE NOT REFLECTED ON THE BILL.
The basic records for this information are the Enrollment and Medical Statement and Change forms.

Clerical Errors
Generally, clerical errors in reporting information to us on eligible or ineligible persons will be corrected, but limited to two months’ back premium PRIOR TO THE CORRECTION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF SUCH CORRECTION. Coverage for an approved employee/member will be made effective on the date specified by Trustmark.

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