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Insurance Booklet
Shortly after your group becomes covered by Trustmark Group Benefits, you will receive a supply of Insurance booklets for all those employees enrolled for coverage. Each employee should receive an Insurance booklet as well as a coverage letter.

Unique Member Identifier
In order to prevent identity theft, many states have enacted laws aimed at curbing this growing problem in America by limiting the use of Social Security numbers as personal identifiers. Trustmark supports those measures and has transitioned to a Trustmark assigned Unique Member Identifier (UMI). This unique ID will replace the member’s Social Security number on all correspondence, (with the exception of initial enrollment over the phone or Web) directed to the member and on the member’s Identification card. As the Group Administrator, you may enter your employee’s Social Security number or Unique Member ID on all correspondence to us.

Initial Enrollment over the Phone or the Web (ONLY APPLICABLE TO GROUPS OF 51-99 EMPLOYEES)
Due to the participation in our Express Connect Application process, employees who provided addresses will be mailed a copy of their enrollment information. These copies will contain confidential information such as Social Security numbers. Members will receive instructions to place their enrollment information with their Insurance booklet (if they elected coverage), or with their important papers (if they did not).

You may receive copies of enrollment forms in sealed envelopes for employees who did not provide addresses. These should be distributed to employees accordingly. Should you have any questions about this mailing, please contact your Client Manager.

Coverage Letters
As new employees are added for coverage we will forward coverage letters to you. The letters should be distributed to the employee along with their Insurance booklet. New coverage letters will be generated and distributed for the following instances:
  • New employees
  • Change in family status
  • Addition or termination of specific coverages
We will mail the Coverage Letters to you for delivery to enrolled employees.

Certificate Amendment Pages
For most changes in coverage, you will not have to issue a new Insurance booklet. If the change is extensive we will issue a new Insurance booklet. In these cases you may receive amended pages reflecting the change. Certificate Amendment pages may only need to be issued for the following changes:
  • Increased or decreased amounts of Life, AD&D, Disability Income, or Comprehensive Medical benefits.
  • Addition or termination of a particular provision within the Insurance booklet.
We will mail the Certificate Amendment pages to you for delivery to your enrolled employees. You will already have a supply of Insurance booklets to give your employees.

Identification Cards
Trustmark Group Benefits Dental I.D. Cards include:
  • Employee name
  • Unique Member Identifier
Once member eligibility is in our administration system, the process of generating the individualized I.D. cards begins. They are generally produced in 3 business days. Two cards are generated for each employee and are attached to an introduction letter.

Contact your Client Manager when an employee requires more than two cards. I.D. cards provide important information, so it should be presented to the provider at each visit.

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