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Eligibility & Enrollment Guidelines

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Late Enrollment

The employee is considered a late enrollee if he or she signs an enrollment form more than 31 days after becoming eligible. An Evidence of Insurability Form is required for all late entrants selecting life or other ancillary coverages and it is important that all employees be aware of the established eligibility periods for (a) coverage under the plan, (b) an increase in benefits, and (c) a change in status, such as dependent coverage.

All employees must be enrolled as they become eligible. Non-contributory coverage may not be waived.

Employees who select to add dependent coverage after the initial enrollment must complete the Enrollment form and possibly the Evidence of Insurability Form.

Refer to your Certificate of Insurance or your Group Policy for specific information about adding newborn children or newly eligible dependents.

In order to comply with HIPAA legislation, Trustmark accepts all late enrollees for medical coverage. We continue to review ancillary coverage and will notify your company when coverage has been approved or declined.

Late enrollments may be entered through Express or submitted manually to Trustmark.

Procedure for Express Entry of Late Enrollees
  1. Access Express and click on the Add Member menu option if your employee has previously waived all coverage. Complete the required fields by adding your employee’s basic census data. You or a Trustmark User must add this key data prior to an employee being able to enroll dependents in benefits.
  2. Your employee may now access Express and enroll as a late enrollee. If you prefer, you may access the Member Menu options and make the benefit selections on behalf of your employee.
  3. The employee may be presented with an Evidence of Insurability during the enrollment process if required based on coverage’s. The questionnaire may be completed online and electronically submitted to Trustmark (allows for a quick turnaround), or printed, completed, and mailed to:
      Attn: Group Premium Department
      Trustmark Insurance Company
      P.O. Box 7904
      Lake Forest, IL 60045-7904
  4. The request for coverage will be reviewed and the determination will be accessible in the View Pended Transactions section of Express.
Procedure for Manual Entry of Late Enrollees:
  1. The employee must complete an Enrollment form, and possibly the Evidence of Insurability Form. If a dependent has a different last name from the member, a Verification of Dependent Eligibility form must also be submitted.
  2. Review the form(s) for accuracy and completeness and mail the copy(ies) of the Enrollment form, the Evidence of Insurability Form and the Verification of Dependent Eligibility form, to:   Attn: Group Premium Department
      Trustmark Insurance Company
      P.O. Box 7904
      Lake Forest, IL 60045-7904
  3. Keep a copy of the Enrollment form with your group insurance records.
  4. We will notify your organization when coverage has been approved.

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