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Premium Submission

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List Bill
Under this billing method, we send your organization automated billing statements based on your group’s eligibility information. When you report current-month or prior-month (retroactive) eligibility adjustments to Trustmark, the appropriate premium adjustments will appear on your next list bill.

List Bill Statements are issued automatically on a given date every month via email for Express or regular mail and should arrive before the first of the month for which your organization is being billed. Trustmark issues a List Bill Statement for each division within your group (a division is usually a billing location).

The bill should be verified for accuracy. Any changes in eligibility will be reflected on the next bill provided Trustmark receives the proper forms in a reasonable amount of time prior to the next bill being generated.

Procedure for Premium Submission with a List Bill:
  1. Review the statement to verify accuracy.
  2. When corrections are required, complete and submit Request for Change Forms. Change forms and/or Enrollment forms received and processed prior to the bill being generated will be reflected on the next List Bill Statement.
  3. If you have any questions regarding your statement, please contact the Premium Department Customer Service Team at 1-800-351-2526.
  4. If you do not have Automatic Payment Withdrawal (APW), PAY THE EXACT AMOUNT SHOWN after "Total Due" on the List Bill Statement. Mail one copy of your statement along with your premium payment to:
      Trustmark Group Insurance
      P.O. Box 75317
      Chicago, IL 60675-5317
Please Note: Premiums are payable on or before each premium due date. Timely payments maintain insurance coverage until the next premium due date.

In an unusual situation, if you need to overnight your payment, please send your payment to:
   Trustmark Group Insurance #75317
   350 N Orleans Street, Suite 5317
   Receipt and Dispatch 8th floor
   Chicago, IL 60654

Automatic Payment Withdrawal
The Automatic Payment Withdrawal (APW) service is a convenient, cost-efficient way to pay your premium every month. With APW, there's no need to bother with writing checks or worrying about getting your payment to us in time. Trustmark Group Benefits takes care of it for you.

This service option, provided at no extra charge, authorizes Trustmark Group Benefits to withdraw monthly premium payments directly from your company's bank account on a date you determine between the 1st and 22nd of each month. APW is a valuable way to manage cash flow, guarantee timely premium payments, and reduce the risk of coverage interruptions, denied benefits and employee complaints.

APW works like this: Your group picks the day of the month between the 1st and the 22nd to be the "Determination Day." The Determination Day, or the first business day following that day if the Determination Day falls on a weekend or a holiday, initiates the process.

Once the process is initiated, several things happen:
  1. First, we will request a wire/ACH transaction through the banking network.
  2. We will then automatically credit the premium payment to the proper premium account.
  3. A notification will be sent via e-mail to your group the next day. Your group must make sure that funds are available in the necessary bank account on the Determination Day to cover the amount of the bill. The actual draw on the bank account may take place at anytime over the next three days.
Groups with multiple divisions can use the APW on any division they choose to, however, not all divisions within a group are required to utilize the APW. Multiple divisions can share bank accounts or use separate ones.

Grace Period
Except for the first premium payment, Trustmark allows a grace period for the payment of each premium due. The grace period is 31 days from your premium due date. Benefits, including prescription drug claims, will not be paid during the grace period.

If we do not receive your payment by the end of the grace period, your coverage will terminate for nonpayment of premium at the end of the month for which premium has been paid. You will be notified as to the date of termination in a written termination letter.

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