1-23-19: IRS Reporting Deadlines Extended Again

9-20-18: Section 1557 Questionnaire Updated

6-13-18: PCORI Fee Deadline Approaches

4-19-18: 2019 Cost-Sharing Limitations Up 7%

1-29-18: Cadillac Tax and Health Insurance Provider Fee

1-12-18: IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Form 1095 to Employees

12-20-17: Contraceptive Services Mandate and Exemptions

12-14-17: Administrative Simplification Project

12-11-17: IRS FAQ on Employer Mandate

6-28-17: Statins Recommended for Certain Adults

6-26-17: Section 1557 Questionnaire Updated

6-12-17: PCORI Fee Deadline Approaches

3-17-17: Reminder: Change is coming to SBCs

2-28-17: ACA Implementation FAQ

2-23-17: Individual Mandate Update

1-27-17: 2018 Cost-Sharing Limits

1-13-16: Court Ruling on Anti-Discrimination Regulations

12-01-16: 6055/6056 Reporting

12-01-16: PCORI Fee Update

10-26-16: Transitional Reinsurance Deadline Approaching

9-29-16: Anti-Discrimination Regulations

9-27-16: Benchmark Plan Election Rules

9-16-16: Guidance on SBC Coverage Example

8-31-16: Changes Proposed for Form 5500

7-26-16: Benchmark Plan Election Rules

7-07-16: IRS Issues Alert on Sections 6055/6056 Return Filing

7-07-16: 2017 HSA and HDHP Limits

6-29-16: COBRA Notice and Additional Information

6-21-16: PCORI Fee Deadline Approaches

6-17-16: Anti-Discrimination Regulations

6-07-16: Employer Mandate

5-26-16: Marketplace Notice

5-19-16: SBC Materials and Supporting Documents

5-19-16: ACA Employer Mandate Webinar

4-07-16: 2017 OOP Maximums

3-17-16: Update on Proposed SBCs

2-29-16: SBC Revisions Proposed

1-07-16: More Updates Coming

1-05-16: Reporting Deadlines Extended

12-22-15: Cadillac Tax Delayed

11-02-15: Tips for Avoiding Errors When Filing Reinsurance Form

11-02-15: 7 ACA Reporting Myths

10-21-15: Quick Start Guide for Reinsurance Form

10-19-15: Hotline for Reinsurance Fee Submission!

10-16-15: Reinsurance Fee Webinar Scheduled!

10-16-15: Prepare Now for the Reinsurance Fee

09-23-15: Reinsurance Fee Deadlines Near

09-17-15: Downgraded Preventive Services

09-03-15: Contraceptives and Closely Held For-Profit Entities

09-01-15: Upcoming Reinsurance Assessment Fee Webinars

06-26-15: Healthcare Reform Updates

06-25-15: Supreme Court Rules on Federal Tax Subsidies

06-17-15: FAQ on Preventive Care Released

06-01-15: More Guidance on Cost Sharing

04-01-15: SBC Changes Delayed

03-05-15: Coverage for Dependent Children to Age 26

02-11-15: Updates on Sections 6055/56 Reporting

02-04-15: Reporting Updates

01-26-15: Cadillac Tax Update

01-15-15: More SBC and Glossary Information

01-09-15: Proposed Rules on SBCs and Glossary

01-06-15: More PCORI Fee Information

12-16-14: Certificates of Credible Coverage

12-04-14: Reminder: Enrollment Counts Due Friday

11-18-14: Considering Offering Cash for Coverage? Read This

11-17-14: CMS Extends Deadline for Enrollment Counts

11-11-14: ‘Reduction Factor’ Outlined for Reinsurance Fee Calculation

11-10-14: Key Dates You Need to Know

Reinsurance Assessment Fee Webinars

No Minimum Value for ‘Skinny’ Plans

Delay in Enforcement of HPID Regulations

Form for Reinsurance Assessment Fee

More HPID Resources Available

PCORI Fee Update

Reporting standards

Help for HPID application

How to Pay Reinsurance Assessment Fee

Administrative Simplification

Supreme Court Rules on Contraceptive Mandate

HPID Requirements

6055/6056 Reporting

Administrative Simplification and Certification Update