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Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles Through Education
A program sponsored by Trustmark Companies

How might an extra $1,000 have an "Impact" on the health of your students

Through the Impact Educator Grant Program, classroom programs in Lake County, Illinois, can receive up to $1,000 for promoting healthy lifestyles through innovative educational programs.

As a health insurance carrier, benefits administrator, and health and fitness management company, Trustmark supports health education programs such as Impact. We created Impact because we know how important it is to reach kids at an early age and instill healthy lifestyle habits. What better place to learn than at school?

Application period for 2014 Impact Educator Grants is now closed. Lake County, Illinois teachers and principals are invited to apply for a 2015 Impact Educator Grant starting in September 2014.

The Impact program is available to all Lake County, Illinois, public and not-for-profit school educators -- kindergarten through high school. Headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., Trustmark has a long history of supporting the local communities it serves.

For more information about the Impact program, download the Impact brochure (PDF).

How teachers have made an Impact in their schools

Analyzing the Sugar Content in Beverages and Snacks
“My fourth grade class first researched various snacks and beverages, then purchased them to analyze. We found out which were the best -- offering the lowest amount of sugar but still high in vitamins. Over the course of two weeks, the students took pictures and created books with their data results. These were shared with all the other grades to help make healthy choices.”

Karen Kos, Gifted Education Specialist
Tripp Elementary School
Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Movin' and Shakin' in Adaptive PE
"For our special needs children, grades six through eight, we did numerous ball activities to develop hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. The physio and spring balls, in particular, helped give kids a cardiovascular workout. The classes were able to feel part of the physical education program because they had equipment specific to their needs. Thank you very much for helping to make a positive difference in the lives of my students!”

Stephanie Betthauser, Physical Education teacher
Jefferson Middle School
Waukegan, Ill.

Happy, Healthy, Lunchtime Fun
“Over the years, indoor recess has lent itself to sedentary play for a whole variety of reasons. Instead, Sport Stacking is a sport that not only develops important physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination, quickness and focus, but also promotes self-confidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Our second- through fifth-grade students were excited about having Sports Stacks at school. A recent university study has proven it improves reaction time by up to 30 percent!”

Diane Stanchuk, Physical Development and Health teacher
Wauconda Grade School
Wauconda, Ill.

Homegrown Education
“For the past two years, fifth- through eighth-grade students, teachers and community members have been involved in the school garden. Students learned to grow food and cook healthy meals. We made beets last Halloween and fresh salsa many times. This year, seeds, plants and a greenhouse were purchased through the Impact Educator Grant. From August through October, we have fresh vegetables every day at lunch from our garden!”

Irina Stan, Science teacher
North Prairie Junior High School
Winthrop Harbor, Ill.

Brains "R" Us
“We read books and magazines about the brain, explore brain models and kept accurate journals on what we did during our fourth- and fifth-grade language arts periods. The grant money helped students become aware of the power of the brain and its functions, with their pre- and post-tests on the topic improving greatly.”

Linda Hankey, Language Arts teacher
Wauconda Grade School
Wauconda, Ill.

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