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Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles Through Education
A program sponsored by Trustmark Companies

How might an extra $1,000 have an "Impact" on the health of your students

Through the Impact Educator Grant Program, classroom programs in Lake County, Illinois, can receive up to $1,000 for promoting healthy lifestyles through innovative educational programs.

As a health insurance carrier, benefits administrator, and health and fitness management company, Trustmark supports health education programs such as Impact. We created Impact because we know how important it is to reach kids at an early age and instill healthy lifestyle habits. What better place to learn than at school?

Application period for 2015 Impact Educator Grants is now closed. Lake County, Illinois, teachers and principals are invited to apply for a 2016 Impact Educator Grant starting in September 2015.

The Impact program is available to all Lake County, Illinois, public and not-for-profit school educators -- kindergarten through high school. Headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., Trustmark has a long history of supporting the local communities it serves.

For more information about the Impact program, download the Impact brochure (PDF).

How teachers have made an Impact in their schools

Speed Teamwork Agility Cooperation Kinesthetic S.T.A.C.K.
“I observed that students of all skill levels stayed continuously engaged and motivated each day of the S.T.A.C.K. unit, which comprised a variety of stacking cups. Even students who have weaknesses with fitness and sport skills excelled with stacking. Speed stacking is used throughout the year for warm-up before relay races and during our Field Day to increase hand-eye coordination, agility, speed and balance.”

Samantha Morton, Physical Education Teacher
Prairieview School
Hainesville, Illinois

For the Health of It
"This winter program met twice a week after school. Girls learned to follow recipes, measure, try new foods, and create their own recipe cards and books. They also learned about proper skin care and practiced in class. We geared this program particularly to female students to help with their self-esteem, growth and greater exposure to healthy eating. Previous to the Impact Grant, we didn't have a program like this.”

Katie Morin, Health Teacher
Zion Central Middle School
Zion, Illinois

Spaulding School Running Club
“Kindergarten, first- and second-grade students voluntarily participated in the running club during morning recess time, and ran as many laps as they chose. Tokens were distributed for a certain number of visits and some students attended 30 times. Students who received top token level received a running club t-shirt. All told, nearly 500 students ran a total of 4,000 miles. This is our first running club which would not have been possible without the help of the Impact Grant.”

Len Wojciechowicz, Physical Education Teacher
Spaulding Elementary School
Gurnee, Illinois

Fitness Fun
“Time devoted to physical education is limited, so various sports balls, monitors and scorekeepers allowed us to structure activities for a large group within a short time frame. Students were able to raise their heart rates while engaging in teamwork with students in other classes. The equipment purchased through the Impact Grant allowed all our students to be more active and keep track of their heart rates.”

Derek Winkelmann, Physical Education Teacher
Diamond Lake Elementary School
Mundelein, Illinois

What's Cookin': Dinner Is More Than a Burger and Fries
“Our sixth- and seventh-grade students kept a nutritional log of all the foods they ate, then collected data from websites to gauge the positive and negative aspects of their choices. Afterward, they used cookbooks and the Internet to research and design a healthy menu for themselves, and spent some class time cooking. Many students had never really reflected on what they ate each day, and made comments in their logs such as, 'Wow, I eat so much candy...I never eat vegetables.' With my resources from the Impact Grant, I can repeat the unit for the next few years.”

Ellen Crahan, Science Teacher
Woodland Middle School
Gurnee, Illinois

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