Trustmark has created a number of marketing materials to help you with your marketing and outreach efforts.


Critical LifeEvents brochure

This brochure walks you through Trustmark’s product development story and outlines what makes this product different from existing CI products in the market.


Critical LifeEvents slick

This two-sided slick gives you a high-level overview of Critical LifeEvents and quickly highlights what makes this product different from today’s CI products.

Changing the Conversation

Changing the Conversation slick

We’ve simplified the process surrounding CI and have essentially changed the conversation, too. This printable slick visually shows how our conversation at claim time is now a lot simpler than a typical carrier’s conversation at claim time. We even walk you through an example just to show you how simple it really is.


Consumer Research Infographic

Read through this infographic to get quick stats on what consumers said in our focus groups and surveys.

Discussion map

Discussion map

The discussion map is a visually simple piece that gives you a high-level overview of the product design. It walks you through the outline of coverage for each benefit. We recommend printing it on 16" x 20" paper so you can use it as a conversation piece.

Sample Employee Brochure

Sample employee brochure

Need to know what type of communication employees will see at time of enrollment? View a sample of our employee brochure.

CLE Product Catalog Page

Product page

For a comprehensive look at the benefits and features of Critical LifeEvents, check out our product page.

Shareable social images

We hope you will join us in our effort to spread the message about critical illness awareness and prevention. We encourage you to share the news about our new product on your own social media pages, too.

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