A lifetime of benefits

By listening to the voice of the customer, we came to the conclusion that consumers want a lifetime of benefits. They want to own a CI policy that is going to benefit them, even if they don’t ever become severely ill. Critical LifeEvents is designed to help our policyholder through all stages of life.

Benefits for the healthy person

We discovered in our research that consumers diagnosed with a critical illness wished they had known how to be healthy prior to being diagnosed so they could have avoided their illness altogether.


At Trustmark, healthy living is one of the values we center our product innovation around. It’s important for us to know we’re helping our policyholders adopt a healthy lifestyle and prevent something severe from happening. Rather than limiting our policyholders to one annual benefit for a biometric screening or routine test, we’re providing multiple benefits throughout the year: benefits for biometric screenings, routine testing, follow-up testing and genetic testing.

Also, policyholders can access a health advisor and an online wellness portal through our sister company HealthFitness®.

Benefits for the caregiver

The caregiver community needs financial and medical support, too, and there’s currently nothing on the market to help them care for a loved one.

We’re the first in the industry to introduce a benefit for caregivers. The caregiver benefit provides a financial payout for policyholders when they’re caring for an eligible family member, even if he or she is not covered on the policy. In addition, caregivers are given access to a second opinion service to help them understand a diagnosis or review treatment options.

Benefits for the proactive one


Illnesses are being discovered earlier due to medical advances, which means doctors can proactively treat these diagnoses, but conventional CI policies have limited early stage coverage.


Since 90% of claims submitted are for cancer, heart attack and stroke, we’re providing a benefit for the early identification and early stages of cancer, coronary artery disease and cerebral vascular disease. This gives our policyholders a benefit for the conditions people experience most often – no matter how early or late the progression is.

Benefits for the severely ill

When individuals do, in fact, develop stage 3 or 4 cancer or suffer from a heart attack or stroke, we will provide them with a 100% benefit. By covering only the three primary claim conditions (cancer, coronary artery disease and cerebral vascular disease) at the 100%-level, coverage for consumers is affordable – and beneficial.


If a consumer wants more coverage, however, they can get it. Our Specified Illness Rider insures 10 more conditions consumers are most interested in having covered, including unique conditions like diabetes. And if an individual is unable to perform two activities of daily living, it doesn’t matter what sickness4 they have, our Additional Sickness Rider will provide a payout to help them in their time of need.

1Nationwide market research survey of 200 individuals conducted May 2013.
2Nationwide market research survey of 750 individuals conducted January and February 2012.
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4A sickness that affects the circulatory, digestive endocrine, immune, nervous, musculoskeletal, renal or respiratory system.
5Does not apply during pre-existing condition limitation, to reconfirmed diagnosis of presently existing conditions, or to conditions included with the inclusion of the Specified Illness Rider.

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