Understanding the Benefits of Life Insurance

Protect what you love. For whom you love.

Life insurance helps provide financial protection for your family. It helps to ensure that your family and loved ones may be protected against financial hardship if something happens to you or your spouse. And it brings an added sense of comfort when your family needs it most.

Trustmark Universal Life provides a death benefit and living benefits for long-term care. Benefit payments may be used any way you want. It also builds long-term cash value that can help you with other financial needs.

Here are seven ways Universal Life may help protect your family’s financial future:

Help pay rent or mortgage payments.

Life insurance provides peace of mind knowing that your home and your savings will be there even if you can’t. It provides the coverage you need to make sure your loved ones can take care of the rent or mortgage and maintain the lifestyle they have now or want to achieve in the future.

Help protect your spouse.

Having life insurance can help you keep your vow to protect the one that matters most to you. It helps ensure your spouse can cope financially if something happens to you. And vice versa.

Help provide for your children.

The last thing any parent wants to worry about is how their children will get by without them. Life insurance helps provide peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve provided for them, taken care of them and protected them – even when you can’t be there with them.

Help pay for college.

Life insurance can help ensure a college education for your child or children if you pass away unexpectedly. Over time your life insurance policy builds cash value that you can use to help pay for college expenses.

Plan for retirement.

After you retire, your need for life insurance may diminish while the need to cover potential long-term care costs rises. Universal Life is specifically designed to match your needs throughout your lifetime. With Universal Life, your benefits can be paid as a Death Benefit, as Living Benefits, or as a combination of both. A death benefit puts money in your family's hands quickly when they need it most. Living benefits make it easy to accelerate the death benefit to help pay for home healthcare, assisted living, adult day care or nursing home services, should you or your covered spouse ever need them.

Help pay for long-term care.

Universal Life includes a living benefits package that helps provide additional security during your lifetime to help pay for home heathcare, assisted living, nursing home and adult day care.

Leave a legacy.

You’ll spend a lifetime making a difference in people’s lives. But the memory of that shouldn’t be all that you leave behind. Life insurance can help you leave more than a memory, it can help you leave your mark.

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