Savings by Segment

Savings from Program

ROI by Segment

Health Care Costs
Non-Acute (Outpatient MHSA) Claims Offset
Costs of a typical episode of care for outpatient MHSA cases that were addressed within the EAP.
High-Risk Claims Offset
Reduction in the annual health care burden for select participants whose depression or substance abuse migrated from at-risk or high-risk to no risk after using the EAP.
Human Capital Costs
Improved Productivity
Mitigated further productivity losses for distressed employees that originally resulted in absenteeism and presenteeism.
Reduction in Turnover
Avoided employee turnover for the small portion of EAP users who were most at-risk for job loss.
Organizational Costs
Business Support Service Delivery
Replacement cost of specialty services like crisis response, management consultation and organizational development (training).
Total Savings
Investment in Program
Annual Investment

Program Return on Investment

1 This figure was taken from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and does not include the cost of benefits. Please revise it to reflect the average wage in your organization.

2 This is a sample price for a mid-sized employer and a five-session short-term counseling model. Pricing varies according to employer size and session model.