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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions.

Below are answers to some of the questions we’re asked most often.
What is the difference between Universal Life and Universal LifeEvents®?
Trustmark Universal LifeEvents® is permanent life insurance like Trustmark Universal Life, except the death benefit reduces to 1/3 its original amount when the policyholder turns 70 (or after 15 years, whichever is later). This allows us to offer you a higher death benefit for the same premium (versus a standard Universal Life policy) during your working years, when you’re likely to have more expenses. It’s only the death benefit that reduces; your benefit for long-term care services, if applicable, never decreases due to age for the duration of the policy.
How does “EZ Value” work?
EZ Value is, as the name suggests, an easy way to increase the death benefit of your policy. Each year for a set number of years, your weekly price increases by $1. We use that money to increase the death benefit, without any medical questions. We’ll send you a letter in advance of each year’s increase, showing you what your new weekly cost will be, as well as your new death benefit.

You can opt out at any time.

EZ Value isn’t available on every plan. Check with your benefits representative to see the specifics of the plan you’re being offered.
How long will it take Trustmark to handle my claim?
We typically process Universal Life claims within five business days, which includes the time we take to communicate with you to confirm our payment or ask you for more information.
What can I spend my benefits on?
Anything! We pay you directly, so you can use the money for anything you want.
Still need more details? Keep exploring this site, or get in touch with your benefits representative to get everything you need to make the right choice for you and your family.

The LTC Benefit is an acceleration of the death benefit and is not Long-Term Care Insurance (except in FL, LA, NC and VA, where the LTC benefit is Long-Term Care Insurance.)

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